Pharaoh Ant

Color: Red
Family: Formicidae
Order: Hymenoptera

Pharaoh ants live in minute multi-colonies and are very difficult to eradicate. More than a dozen pathogenic bacteria have been found on pharaoh ants and they can spread these into your food.  


Pharaoh Ant Identification

Pharaoh ants are 1.5 mm in length and are yellow or light brown to red in colour. Their small size makes them difficult to see with visual inspection. Nests are usually located near warm moist areas, in inaccessible areas such as behind baseboards, in furniture, under floors, and between linens.

Pharaoh Ant Prevention

The detection and elimination of pharaoh ants is a difficult and lengthy process. Liquids, aerosol and dusts are NOT to be used by the homeowner after our service as this will cause the colony to bud (scatter), making the infestation more difficult to control.

Preparation Steps for Pharaoh Ant Treatment

There are many things that the client can do to help prepare their home for a successful pharaoh treatment:

1. In areas where ants are seen and in particular the kitchen empty bottom cupboards and the bottom of closets.

2. Dishes and food should be kept out of the way.

3. If ants are seen in the washroom, the vanity should be cleaned out.

Download Pharaoh Ant Preparation Sheet

Pharaoh Ants - Questions and Answers

What do pharaoh ants eat?

They have a wide food preference ranging from syrups to fruits, pies, meats, and dead insects.

Do pharaoh ants spread disease?

Yes. In hospitals more than a dozen pathogenic bacteria have been found on pharaoh ants, because the ants may feed on and around the wounds of patients. In homes, they are attracted to foods such as sweets and meat, and may carry disease germs from one area to another.

Are pharaoh ants difficult to control?

Yes. Ant colonies are very large and may contain thousands to several hundred - thousand members. There are usually several hundred reproductive ants in these colonies, and if disturbed the colony may fragment "bud' to form several new nests. Care must be taken to ensure a thorough treatment is done so that budding doesn’t occur.

What can I do to prevent an infestation of pharaoh ants?

Good housekeeping practices such as keeping foods in sealed containers and areas free of food spillage and crumbs will help prevent ants. Sealing of cracks and crevices where the ants may live will be helpful.

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