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Bird-Flite Spikes

Bird-Flite Spikes

Bird-Flite is North America's most popular bird spike and is ideal for ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, chimneys, cut-outs, security cameras, lights, etc. The one-foot sections glue easily to any clean surface to deter pigeons and larger birds.

Key Benefits:

  • Rods spaced far enough apart to repel birds, but avoid entrapping debris
  • Clear plastic base and thin stainless steel rods are nearly undetectable
  • Bird-Flite's spikes are blunted to prevent injury to birds



Bird Coil creates an unstable ledge for landing, causing unwanted pigeons and gulls to take their mess elsewhere.

Key Benefits:

  • When seen from a distance of twenty feet or more, Bird-Coil virtually disappears and from fifty feet it's invisible
  • Bird-Coil's smooth curves are completely harmless to both birds and unsuspecting workers needing access to ledges
  • Two coil diameters are available to protect any ledge width
  • Bird-Coil can be attached to any substrate using adhesive or screws and our special coil clips



Gridwire should be used to prevent birds from landing and nesting in large areas such as roofs and outdoor eating areas.

Key Benefits:

  • Stainless Steel wire or Polyethylene Florescent GridTwine is attached to stainless steel posts at varying intervals. Pigeons and gulls cannot land on your roof
  • Gridwire can be suspended in various horizontal and vertical patterns to teder large aquatic birds
  • Harmless to birds or humans alike
  • Allows for easy roof access

Bird Slide


BirdSlide offers heavy duty ledge protection. Birds simply can't get a grip and slide right off.

Key Benefits:

  • BirdSlide effectively blocks the surface from all bird activity; if birds are committed to a site, BirdSlide will defy their efforts to nest
  • When the correct color is selected (can be painted to match any building), BirdSlide appears to be part of the structure
  • Using the Extensions and End Caps, BirdSlide can be installed to protect virtually any horizontal surface with a back wall
  • Harmless to birds or humans alike



The Industry Standard

StealthNet has been installed on thousands of buildings around the world. It forms a low-visibility, long lasting and impenetrable barrier to all bird species.

Safely Protects Architectural Features

When installed properly, StealthNet can protect a wide variety of building features, and is often less expensive and less visible than protecting individual surfaces with ledge-deterrents. StealthNet installed under the open-beam ceiling on a loading dock effectively blocks hundreds of potential perches with one low-visibility barrier.

Installation of StealthNet

StealthNet is attached to a sturdy perimeter cable that is attached to the structure. The cable is attached to the structure with a variety of fasteners that are specially designed for stone, concrete, wood or steel. Heavy duty corner attachments are used in the corners or at the ends of the cables. The cable is tensioned using turnbuckles and the net is attached to the cable using net rings. It is recommended that every square feet of the net be attached to the cable.


Bird-Shock Flex-Track

Flex-Track Works

Bird-Shock Flex-Track conditions birds to stay away from a site long-term. The painful yet harmless electrical pulse is forever associated with the surface where the shock occurred. Any bird that stands on the track will learn the same lesson

Building Owners Demand Less-Visible Solutions

Flex-Track finally offers long-lasting control from an almost invisible product. At only 1/4"tall , and available in five colors, Flex-Track offers a visually pleasing solution.

Key Benefits

  • Fifty-foot rolls keep project costs down
  • Only 1/4-inch high, and 5 colors to much the building
  • Made from the best materials, will protect for years
  • Conforms to any surface shape
  • Shock teaches birds to stay away
  • Flex-Track protects straight ledges, and curves easily to protect sign letters
  • A charger unit mounts to the building and sends intermittent power down the two conductors *Solar chargers available.

Installation of Flex-Track

Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a comprehensive family of parts that make up a fully integrated system. Its elements bird-proof any architectural configuration. Special connectors, wires, charger units and the track itself can be customized to protect both regular and irregular shaped elements.

  • Jumpers snap quickly to the track, making it easy to power multiple tracks
  • Quick connectors are used every 50ft., or wherever also connections are needed
  • Corner Quick connectors can be curved to any angle

Daddi Long Legs

Daddi Long Legs

Daddi Long Legs is in a league all its own. It should be used on rooftops and other open areas.

Key Benefits:

  • Thin, Stainless Steel rods rotate in the breeze and wave menacingly, interfering with birds as they attempt to land. The spinning nature is an important component for proper exclusion
  • The U.V. stabilized plastic base can be screwed to most surfaces and comes with a 1/4" adhesive neoprene gasket. A removable system is also available
  • Daddi Long Legs is inconspicuous from short distances and practically invisible from 50 feet or more
  • The waving rods have plastic tips to prevent injury to birds or humans

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